Plugnotes digitises workflows for SMEs with no programming required. With this tool they help companies with no IT department or limited IT capabilities digitise by creating forms that are automatically converted into handy databases and reports. Plugnotes is a plug-and-play no-code software-as-a-service solution. The cloud platform removes the need for manual work or data input and analysis via spreadsheets.
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Plugnotes allows companies to digitise operational processes without programming work or expensive investments. As a no-code tool, Plugnotes helps companies with no IT department or limited IT capabilities digitise.


Plugnotes simplifies the collection and analysis of digital information through these forms. They can be easily integrated with other systems such as ERP, CRM or WMS systems. With Plugnotes, it is really easy, for instance, for a company to record whether a delivery was made and whether it was complete.


Founder Vincent de Bruyn of Plugnotes saw the gap in the market while active as an entrepreneur in distribution and logistics. Daughter Camille de Bruyn joined him as a co-founder. Plugnotes has 50 Belgian clients and operates offices in Wavre and Brussels. Among the companies using Plugnotes are organic food store chain The Barn Bio Market, frozen dessert company VerBau, La Croix-Rouge, Brussels Beer Project and bathroom specialist FACQ.

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