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How can Gumption help you to stand out?

As a business group, Gumption is committed to a digitally transformed world. Each company specializes in at least one aspect of digital transformation. You can leverage all that knowledge and expertise to shape the digital transformation process in your organization. Through co-creation, we tackle complex challenges with your experts and accelerate sustainable innovation.

The Faces Behind Gumption

The faces behind Gumption

Welcome to Gumption. Eighteen companies. More than seven hundred brainiacs. What connects us? Our business is technology and people-centric processes. Every company does this in its own way. Starting from a smart business idea and a surprising take on things. Come home to a warm family, where freedom and stability go hand in hand. An innovative, fast-moving start-up environment, with the offensive power of a big group. Work hard, play hard: that's our motto. Success is best when it's shared.

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Discover the latest edition of Snapshot, Gumption's in-house magazine. Snapshot gives you insights into visions, cases, trends and success factors for digital transformation. Download the magazine now for free. Prefer a paper hardcopy? We've got you!

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