Geosparc builds software and digital maps for governments and companies. Smart cities use them to manage traffic flows and parking spaces equipped with sensors, or they enable citizens to report incidents and reserve public space. There are many application possibilities for companies as well. Geosparc responds to needs such as smart management of electric charging points or SAP integration. Geosparc works with open source software and open data.
Geosparc map


Geosparc is a specialist in geo applications relating to mobility and open data. They work for customers and partners worldwide. Geosparc has developed applications for Kortrijk, Leuven, Hasselt, the Flanders Subsoil Database and the Flemish Environmental Agency, among others.


Geosparc enables you to discover and exploit the potential of geographic big data. Geosparc´s solutions lead to new insights, better decision-making and more effective services. Together with you, they make the world a safer, more efficient and more environmentally-friendly place.


Geosparc is a team of experienced web GIS developers and data specialists with a passion for open source and open data. Together, they are happy to provide solutions tailored to your unique situation. Geosparc is located in Heusden (Ghent).