PayrollEngine stands for accurate real-time payroll calculation and reporting for both large and small companies. The solution can seamlessly integrate with any client application or database. Currently, the company exclusively targets the Luxembourg market.



PayrollEngine is intuitive, easily customizable, cloud-based, and scalable. Lightning-fast APIs enable fast interaction with applications or databases. Adjust an employee's salary or dependents? PayrollEngine immediately performs the calculation. You always pay employees accurately and on time.


PayrollEngine is the state-of-the-art response of a Luxembourg-based start-up to the pressing needs of payroll administrations. Many companies face challenges with the rapidly changing legislation, with accurate payroll calculation, and with integrating other applications.


PayrollEngine was founded by Rodolphe Laloux and Julien Thai. The development of a payroll application requires knowledge and expertise in various areas. That's why PayrollEngine partners with external experts. The Gumption companies can support the company in areas such as development, testing, reporting, ERP and SuccessFactors. For functional knowledge, PayrollEngine collaborates with an internationally active fiduciary.