Uw Europese customer experience (CX) partner bij uitstek. Big enough to cure, small enough to care. Canguru, een TheValueChain-bedrijf, slaat de brug tussen business en technologie. Zij zetten zich in voor innovatie, met focus op de CX-processen. Canguru onderzoekt waar innovatie maximaal rendeert, brengt nieuwe inzichten en ondersteunt bedrijven bij de verbetering van de dagelijkse werkzaamheden en processen in sales, e-commerce, marketing en service.
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Canguru aims to be a frontrunner in all areas of CX - from sales and service processes to commission policies and configure-price-quote solutions (CPQ). They closely follow market trends and technological developments. Combining out-of-the-box thinking with a can-do attitude makes them a trusted guide in CX.


In order to exceed customer expectations and stay competitive in times of change, companies invest in CX. Canguru's proven way of working ensures smooth development and implementation in line with your requirements so that the CX solution meets and exceeds expectations. Customer support makes everything run smoothly, keeping up with the latest specs. Canguru has +10 years of experience with sales, marketing and services projects.


Canguru assists companies of all sizes with an expert team of 85 CX consultants. Together they count +200 years of combined experience. Their knowledge of business and technology supports companies to stay first in class with cutting-edge strategies and solutions. Canguru is also innovative in its internal organisation. It involves its consultants in the company's management and structures the organisation based on sociocracy 3.0 principles tailored to the team.