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Gumption. +20 young companies with +500 bright minds in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. We inspire the digital transformation of clients with a unique ecosystem and a 360° approach. Pragmatic and hands-on. We combine resourceful, agile and passionate entrepreneurship with the capability and stability of a strong company group.

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In 2012, Flemish entrepreneur Bart Embrechts founded Gumption. Today, Gumption has four Belgian offices: Kontich, Wavre, Ghent and Antwerp. In 2014, it spread its wings to Luxembourg, followed by the Netherlands in 2016, led by Philippe Hamtiaux and Marcel van Buren respectively.

The companies in the group mostly operate in their home country. Projects for big clients sometimes take the group beyond the comfort of their borders, sometimes far outside of Europe.

Gumption values

You’re stronger together. Co-creation is not a buzzword, no empty phrase, but daily practice. All eyes on target. Same goal. We learn from each other and maximize each other’s potential. As a team, we reach the great goals of our dreams.
No trust, no growth. The condition for understanding, the basis of every relationship. In openness we meet. Trust depends on little things but is the basis of every great achievement. Believing in good intentions requires courage and submission. Do we trust each other? Then faith in the future will grow.
Good ideas know no boundaries. They spawn in open environments where people speak freely, without hesitation. Great thinkers don’t back down. If we wouldn’t have dreamt of the moon, we’d never have got there. Think big and open up a world of possibilities
Initiative, guts and common sense. Our recipe for success. The world wasn’t built with, ‘if I only had.’ Seeing opportunity is not enough. You have to go for it. A plan is not sufficient. You’ve got to do it. With conviction and full effort. Job half done is job not done. Talent without courage never blooms.
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