Gumption people about what fills their sails

“I have great respect for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. With Gumption I want to help young consulting companies to be successful in the long term. Not in the same way as a venture capitalist or a management consultant: I want to use the experience of the Gumption team and participate in an operational way, respecting the individuality of each company in the portfolio. Gumption also wants to participate financially and share the risk. Continued success requires engagement.”

Bart Embrechts

Founder and Managing Partner,

“Society is changing. There is a demand for more transparency and humanity. New networks are emerging as an alternative to the current large scale with its negative aspects. In these ecosystems, individuals make the difference. By combining their knowledge and expertise, innovative and sustainable forms of cooperation are created. I believe in the power of such collectives. Therefore, I choose Gumption.”

Marcel van Buren

Develops Gumption in The Netherlands,

“Every start-up has specific challenges. With specialized services Gumption makes sure that they can focus entirely on strategy and execution. Today, Luxembourg is a place to be: the government is supporting and stimulating young technology companies. Gumption’s approach fits into the picture. That’s why I fully support this initiative.”

Philippe Hamtiaux

In charge of Gumption in Luxembourg,

“Gumption is growing fast and that creates a lot of work. I am responsible for the follow-up of invoices, administration, preparation of the bookkeeping records, management of schedules, to name but a few things. I make sure that the member companies can hit the ground running when it comes to the practical aspects of the business.”

Yang Pang

Office manager Kontich,

“Young businesses often focus on the development and implementation of their services and solutions. This leaves little time for sales strategy, market analysis, the development of customer relationships and partnerships. However, if you want to achieve sustainable growth, those are important areas which deserve special attention. I enjoy using my expertise to support the Gumption companies.”

Olivier Leroy

Business development,

“Setting up a company from scratch with a business idea and a few passionate people, seeing how a group of employees grows and achieves brilliant results together: that is fantastic. Keeping good colleagues loyal and making them better is the foundation of any firm’s success. If there is a formula for it, then respect, trust and freedom are definitely part of it. And so is telling it the way it is. I witnessed how, year after year, very few people left the company. I’m proud of that.”

Nicolas Van Odijk

Co-founder and the man behind the scenes - focus on organization, shared services and people management,

“By working together, the companies within Gumption can exploit the cross-fertilization offered by the network optimally. Teamwork is extremely important in this vision, both with customers and between consultants. Through the honest confrontation of ideas and insights you set things in motion and gradually build up your relationship of trust. We want to encourage this dynamic.”

Dieter Oversteyns

Focuses on the connect & develop initiative, co-creation and process excellence,

“I help entrepreneurs tell their story. What drives them? Why do they do what they do? What are they good at? And how do they strike the right chord with customers? It is my job to translate professional jargon into nuanced, plain language. Doing things really well is something I value highly. Quality execution equals quality result. And I am a real terrier: I always deliver. That, too, is Act Gumption, right?”

Wim Nelissen

Marketing Manager,

“As office manager for our Luxembourg branch and as Philippe’s assistant, I give support to our consultants so that they can focus 100% on their clients. And I make sure that our office is a real home base for them.”

Pauline Jacquot

Office manager Luxembourg,

“On behalf of Gumption I work as management assistant and office manager in the Wavre branch. There are various businesses from the group at that location. They all share the same values and a uniform organisational structure. What I appreciate the most? The freedom to come up with and develop new initiatives.”

Aurélie Favresse

Office manager Wavre,

“Our young companies have convincing stories and visions. Creating strong content and untangling the social media jumble to present their stories in the right way to the right target audience, that’s my expertise. I feel like a fish in water in a start-up environment. The drive, the desire, the creativity. Gumption has the guts to experiment with new forms of storytelling, live reporting and content curation. I love being actively involved in this.”

Jana Wuyts

Content marketing expert and social media specialist,

“Starting to work for a group of start-ups and young businesses was a conscious choice. Peaceful babbling brooks are lovely – but not in my workplace. We accountants like to get stuck into the action. Figures are so much more exciting when there’s speed and growth in them. You are given the space to help shape things.”

Anja Van Woensel


Gumption is a fast-moving working environment with a lot of information flows. An environment where I feel happy as a generalist: office management, HR, communication and indoor sales have no secrets for me. I love variety and complexity. And I enjoy learning every day.

Jessie Heyndrickx

Office manager Kontich,

“My business card reads ‘Receptionist’ but ‘wearer of many hats’ would be a better description. I am responsible for filing, reception, strengthening the admin team, lending a hand with marketing, helping design flyers and posters, curating the Gumption Group Instagram account, you name it, I do it. A true generalist, in other words, and that suits me down to the ground. I studied Reception and Graphic Design – so it is great to be able to combine my talents in one job.”

Eva Van der Schoot

Admin & Marketing,

I work as an IT recruitment consultant at Rank1, one of the companies of Gumption. I mostly look for strong infrastructure profiles. No body shopping here. Quality before quantity, every time. That is why I choose Gumption Group. The social aspect of my job appeals to me the most: consulting with colleagues, working as part of a team, interviewing candidates. It is fun to recruit ICT professionals. To work with intelligent people with a sense of humour every day, what more do you want?

Luca Duffeleer

Growth Xcelerator,

“I search for the right profiles for companies in the group, ranging from SAP consultants to front-end developers. Recruiting is my main task, but in addition, I have to reflect about our employer branding and devise great employee experiences. We want to make the difference for our employees from Day One, starting with onboarding. Or even earlier, with a personal approach from first getting to meet people.”

Anouck Saman

Growth Xcelerator,

I am a real numbers person. I am quick to grasp figures and l love it when things balance. That I would end up choosing a career in accounting was written in the stars. For the last 13 years or so, I have worked in the most diverse sectors. From logistics to ICT, in small teams or at multinationals. At Gumption, I have the opportunity to learn about a start-up culture. For someone as inquisitive as me, this is the dream work environment.

Iris Verwey

Accounting & Finance Officer,