How do you foster happy employees? Get them ready for digital disruption? How do you win over new talent?


Digital platforms, self-service tools, apps and social media are changing our workplaces, but also management and HR practices. The need for new talent is growing. Employees have to adapt quickly. Training, collaboration and effective communication are crucial for your employer branding and employee experience. What do your employees tell the outside world?

Who will start your 360° approach?

A global emerging employer branding leader? A successful microlearning platform designer? Digital designers with expert knowledge in behavioural science and gamification? Discover Gumption’s co-creators here!

Our Approach

What makes our approach of internal and cultural challenges unique?



We dare to think big. To look beyond the horizon. We work quickly, with tangible results. Long-term vision, short-term deliverables.

Co created


Co-creation. With one or multiple Gumption companies, clients or suppliers. With every executive level in your organisation. That’s how we tackle every area.


Based on data

Your data. Nothing makes your company more unique. Digital transformation starts with insight. Whatever project you start, together we’ll prioritise data management.

Customer experience

Focused on experience

Experiences impact clients, employees and candidates emotionally. That’s how you foster long-term relationships. Welcome to the experience economy!

Case in the picture

Rising Star Academy: smart content campaign attracts talent

co-created by: TheValueChain

SAP specialist TheValueChain is constantly looking for talent. That's why it came up with a new initiative: the Rising Star Academy. Branded.Careers and Gumption devised a smart content campaign supported by advertisements on social media.

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