Oddball is a unique experience powerhouse. A fertile breeding ground for online and offline concepts, brought to life by a skilled team of innovation strategists, designers, motion experts and digital whiz kids. As experience experts, we challenge every status quo and take your employer/customer brand to the next level. We combine strategy, design and technology to create a lasting brand experience that generates a favorable and measurable impact.
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Experiences are a key differentiator in your brand perception. Experiences reinforce brand loyalty and turn your customers and candidates into brand advocates. This increases customer lifetime value and employee commitment – key metrics for growth and long-term business success.


With all of us shopping online, we have become used to getting things as and when we want them. When we can’t get what we need quickly and easily, we go elsewhere. As a company and an employer, you need to find new, innovative and measurable ways to convince customers, candidates and employees. How? Create impact by turning jobs, products and services into an experience.


Thirteen experts create your next unexpected 360° employee and brand experience. We devise well-thought-out strategies and unique storytelling concepts, and put them into practice. We combine powerful design, digital skills and motion expertise into compelling emotional connections and experiences.