Mercuron specialises in wireless mobile and data communication, with services ranging from consulting to implementation. Its clients include companies such as Cordeel, Fabricom, the European Investment Bank, several chain stores and care institutions. Mercuron is active in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
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Mercuron strengthens and improves the reception of mobile phone signals in locations with poor coverage. It also delivers and installs ASTRID repeaters, in keeping with the legislation on coverage inside buildings. ASTRID is the telecom operator for the emergency and security services.


Mercuron devotes a great deal of attention to health factors. By providing the right signal amplification in the right places, the quantity of radiation can be reduced dramatically, sometimes by a factor of 50. The harmful effects of wireless communication are kept to a minimum.


Mercuron is a flexible team with ten permanent employees - mainly field and system engineers. For larger projects, it calls on certified subcontractors. Communication and team spirit are high on the list of values. Managing partner Xavier Bracke founded the company in 2013.