ZetaPulse is a behavioral big data technology start-up. It developed a mobile software development kit to measure and analyze the buying behavior of customers. It empowers companies to earn valuable insights into the buying behavior at any time, and act on it by communicating to the customer at the right time and location.


The ZetaPulse solution is a mobile software development kit coded for both Android and iOS, including a platform with a fully-fledged campaign creator. No pure GPS, no Bluetooth beacons, 1% battery usage and 5 meters accuracy!


Effective marketing targets the subconscious mind, as 95% of purchasing decisions are made emotionally. Most businesses, however, target customers without understanding their interest, behavior and right timing to approach them. That’s the power of Zetapulse.



ZetaPulse was founded by Ruben Miessen and Glenn Vermeulen. At the very start, ZetaPulse was invited as an alpha exhibitor to the Dublin Web Summit, Europe’s biggest technology conference, to display its technology. The ZetaPulse technology and the founders received international awards including Top 5 Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 in Bangkok. In the same year, ZetaPulse kick-started as a start-up in the Gumption Group.

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