TowerEye is a specialist in mobile camera security, CCTV (closed-circuit television) and temporary networks. Clients are organisers of medium to large-scale events and festivals, large construction sites and public authorities such as municipalities and police forces.


At events, TowerEye installs security cameras and a stable network that allows safe access to Wi-Fi and mobile calling. It provides construction sites with cameras, powerful lighting and alarm systems. Public authorities use temporary infrastructures to record numberplates or monitor roads.


TowerEye is driven by innovation. Technology is not a goal in itself. We look for solutions to challenges that keep you awake at night. We help you make choices in a no-nonsense and pragmatic way. We believe in long-term relationships, by combining knowledge and quality service with the support of strong partners.


Flexible team

TowerEye was founded in 2012 by Gust Dierckx as a sister company of DNCS - a company of the Gumption Group as well. The competences are very similar, but the nature of the business and the customers are very different. TowerEye has 5 permanent employees, but at peak times the number of employees sometimes rises to 150. Niels Van den Heuvel is general manager at TowerEye. The headquarters are located in Gierle.

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