The motto of TheValueChain: create more value more quickly with sustainable, innovative SAP solutions. Insight into your specific needs is the starting point of our collaboration, with respect for planning and budget. TheValueChain stimulates your imagination. Thanks to packaged industry solutions, you can innovate safely within a simplified framework and break the barriers. TheValueChain is an SAP Gold Partner.


New digital technologies allow you to refine your strategy and make your processes more efficient, cheaper and more client-focused. TheValueChain sets out to create maximum value for your organisation with your digital platform and a pragmatic approach.


Change cannot be achieved with technology alone. People are crucial to a successful digital transformation. TheValueChain focuses on people as the driving force and connecting factor in innovation projects.



TheValueChain was founded by Ivan Leysen and Dieter Oversteyns in 2012. The company has been an SAP Value-Added Reseller and SAP Partner Centre of Expertise since 2013. 200+ experts who know your industry and provide a bespoke service. TheValueChain has entrepreneurial hubs in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland. As part of Gumption, TheValueChain can offer additional expertise from multiple perspectives for a 360° digital transformation.

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