The mobile learning platform from MobieTrain offers a solution to the changing world of learning and development. Employees learn specialist or product knowledge with bite-sized content via a smartphone or tablet at their own pace. This new method of workplace learning is based on the Wozniak retention method, where repeating learning content helps to consolidate it. Gamification makes learning fun and employees absorb things faster.


MobieTrain is based on 10 years of retail experience, has won several awards and gained support for innovation. MobieTrain is a notable start-up with an international network of clients including Timberland, Vans, Nestlé, KBC, Proximus, BMW and Azadea.


As the first mobile micro-learning platform, MobieTrain has set the new global standard for workplace learning. It boasts more than 14,000 users in 16 countries.



Guy Van Neck founded MobieTrain in 2015. The company has 16 employees with more than 30 years of experience in retail, learning and development and growth marketing expertise combined. MobieTrain has won awards including the Unleash Startup Competition 2018 and the Coolest HR Tech Innovation Award 2019. MobieTrain has been an associate of the Gumption Group since 2018 and is located at C-mine in Genk.

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