Maggy is a small wearable device helping you to maintain social distancing while keeping your privacy. Maggy is a great device for companies and organisations to provide their employees with an easy way to keep the work environment safe. It will help everyone keep a safe social distance in factories, shops, museums, cultural sites, elderly homes or during family visits. Maggy works everywhere, both indoor and outdoor.


Maggy will detect other Maggy devices and warn you if someone is too close to you. No need to download a mobile application, unless you want to detect other Bluetooth devices (smartphones, smartwatches, ...), change the alarm sounds, or check your social distance score.


Maggy is a strong concept. No tracking. Pocket size. It warns you through an audio & vibrating signal. The latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology makes Maggy extremely precise and reliable. The device has an energy-efficient rechargeable battery. Widely affordable pricing.


Founding team

Maggy is a start-up in the field of social distancing. The company was founded by Allan Segebarth, Ruben Miesen, Bart Embrechts and Nicolas Van Odijk, a group of Belgian entrepreneurs. Maggy is Gumption’s response to the acute challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more and order via!

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