User experience. The quality of it determines the success of your organisation. Digital or not. A well-designed experience is crucial for growth. We are Liftov. Experience architects. We help companies build experiences people connect to. Increase usage, satisfaction, retention and loyalty. Win the hearts of your audience. Elevate your digital experience.


Use the science of persuasion - understand how to move your audience before committing to a solution. Know what to make and why. Liftov’s persuasive experience model helps you do the right thing, and do the thing right.


A whopping 75% of users base a company’s credibility solely on its website design and 88% would not return after a bad experience. How’s that for data? Flip the script and use persuasive design and data analysis to elevate your business above the competition.



Frontend and backend developers, analytical and creative spirits. That’s the Liftov team. Experts in behavioural science, game design, user experience and digital technology, based in Belgium and the Netherlands. Member of the Gumption group and design partner of Appythings. We work for corporations (ING Bank, Boston Consulting, EY, BNP Paribas, Nike Europe, ABN Amro, KLM) as well as prize-winning tech start-ups, such as MobieTrain and SafeDrivePod.

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