Surrounding nurses and health care institutions with optimal care, that is the ambition of EGHT Care. With a high-quality pool of nurses, the Antwerp-based start-up assists healthcare institutions in their search for talent. What’s more, EGHT Care aims to help them move step by step towards a more customer-oriented culture. For many healthcare providers, that is the key to profitable growth.


Healthcare institutions are having trouble finding people. EGHT Care wants to help them by providing candidates with a broad skill set for short- and medium-term contracts. But EGHT Care's ambition goes beyond that of the traditional healthcare staffing partner. EGTH Care strongly believes in a customer-oriented culture and proper employer branding.


A customer-oriented culture and proper employer branding lead to happy patients, motivated nurses, a positive brand image towards prospective employees, and optimal profitable growth. EGHT Care project resources want to have a positive impact on their customer’s corporate culture and workplace atmosphere.


Strengthening healthcare organisations

Founder Bart Van den Eynde has a wide experience in project sourcing. "EGHT Care is not just another staffing agency, however", he says. "By placing our people at the heart of your organization, we discover together how things can be done better. Gumption's expertise in areas such as customer experience, microlearning and innovative technology enables us to provide solutions that fundamentally strengthen healthcare organisations."

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