CenEnergy provides smart charging infrastructure for hybrid and electric vehicles, from intelligent wall boxes for the home to rapid charging solutions for companies and public places. Its charging posts are bi-directional – a smart grid and load balancing control the flow of energy between the vehicle, home battery and solar panels. Strategic roaming partnerships give clients access to a European network of 50,000+ charging points.


The charging infrastructure is network-integrated for intelligent charging – always the right amount of energy in the right place at the right time. A user-friendly back-office monitors consumption and takes care of invoicing between employees and employers.


CenEnergy sets itself apart through combined expertise in e-mobility and IT. If you’re looking for an energy hub, CenEnergy are the experts. Charging solutions both charge and supply energy. CenEnergy = high Belgian quality + sustainability + premium design.



The company has been headed up by Jan Verbruggen since May 2018. CenEnergy manages the entire chain, from concept to production and aftercare, positioning itself to capably manage projects from start to finish. Its corporate values are trust, team and talent. CenEnergy merges the prefix made in Belgium with corporate social responsibility through a close partnership with the sheltered workshop De Brug.

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