As a one-stop-shop in employer branding, Branded.Careers develops your employer branding strategy and improves your HR communication, from recruiting through to retention. Branded.Careers helps you to attract and retain talent through strategic coaching, targeted HR programmes and content creation. Experts at Branded.Careers share their expertise through workshops and seminars.


Branded.Careers strengthens your employer brand by drawing up a strategy and a people plan that can then be used to develop convincing storytelling including content videos, social-media campaigns and prominent recruitment and retention initiatives.


In the war for talent, it is those companies with a strong employer brand that attract the right talent – a positive corporate culture is worth its weight in gold. Branded.Careers works with your recruiters and HR professionals to create an environment in which people want to work, not just feel they have to.



Practice what you preach. Branded.Careers makes its employer branding vision a reality by creating a strong employer brand and with #WeMakeYouHappyonMondayMorning videos. Chief Enthusiasm Officer Johan Driessens heads up a team of 15 young creatives. As a Global Emerging Employer Brand Leader, Johan has worldwide recognition. Clients include D’Ieteren, Mobile Vikings, IQVIA and Secretary Plus.

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