Staying competitive in the digital economy? It’s a case of taking quick, future-focused decisions, irrespective of how large or small your business is – making data and analytics more strategic than ever. With expertise in big data, real-time/self-service/agile/Cloud BI, information asset management, planning, consolidation and GDPR, Bmatix helps to make you more innovative, competitive and profitable. Learn from the past, unravel the future.


An insight into your data helps you to learn how to make people more productive, improve products, tailor your services to trends or increase your market share. Business goals determine the technology. With Bmatix expertise in SAP, SAS, Power BI, Tableau and Qlik, you can go in any direction.


Bmatix is a mixture of business analysts, data architects, data scientists, data warehouse managers, ETL specialists and report developers. They listen, evaluate, measure, conceive strategies and road maps, implement tools and coach people. No-nonsense, passionate.



Napoleon said that ‘war is 90% information’. Without insight, you put yourself in the firing line – unarmed. Bmatix has 35 data fighters who inspire and support more than 50 clients from locations in Belgium and Luxembourg. Clients include ArcelorMittal, Hubo, Ablynx, SCK-CEN, Fluxys, GC Europe, Interprox, De Lijn and Verfora. Bmatix is one of the longest standing members of the Gumption Group.

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