AppyThings assists organisations with connectivity to help them become leaders in the digital world. AppyThings is a hyper-specialist in APIs and API management. APIs allow you to unlock data or functionality for applications, mobile apps and websites, but also for third-party developers, allowing you to integrate your internal application landscape, open up new revenue models or create a competitive advantage with more efficient processes.


APIs are invisible to users but are an integration standard in the hyper-networked world. AppyThings is an API boutique that focuses on your business, a hands-on approach and convincing implementations.


Architecture, development, managed services, change management, ... API services from AppyThings can be used like Lego blocks or as a complete package. The company has partnerships with Apigee, SAP and Microsoft Azure, and a lot of expertise in IoT and Blockchain connectivity.



Anthony Doerga and Bert van Vugt founded AppyThings in the Netherlands in 2014. AppyThings concluded a joint venture with Gumption in 2016 for its launch in Belgium and Luxembourg. AppyThings has its HQ in Arnhem and serves clients in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the UK and Ireland, Scandinavia and Germany. Clients include Solvay, Swift, Atlas Copco, PostNL and Eneco. By 2024, AppyThings aims to have successfully helped 500 organisations.

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