The motto of TheValueChain: create more value more quickly with sustainable, innovative SAP solutions. Insight into our client's specific needs is the starting point of our collaboration, with respect for planning and budget. TheValueChain stimulates imagination. Thanks to packaged industry solutions, our clients can innovate safely within a simplified framework and break the barriers. TheValueChain is an SAP Gold Partner.

senior Functional SAP customer support

Job description

You, as a Senior Functional SAP Customer Support are the first point of contact for our customers at TheValueChain.

While providing the highest level of customer service, you answer incoming calls, track all information, troubleshoot end-user SAP issues and provide all the necessary support.

What's in it for you?

  • The primary responsibility is user support and customer service. Being present and available to our customers requiring technical assistance.
  • Become familiar with each customer and their respective applications.
  • Learn fundamental supply chain operations of SAP.
  • Become competent in the latest SAP releases of S/4HANA and C/4HANA, both Cloud as On-Premise.
  • Become familiar with helpdesk policies and services.
  • Be part of a great team in a pleasant environment.


Who are you?

  • You are a people-person, friendly with a smile and a helpful attitude; good interpersonal skills and ability to work well together.
  • Ability to track, report and document.
  • Ability to provide support over the phone (previous customer service experience is a plus).
  • You can solve problems like no one else.
  • Ability to handle constantly changing flow of traffic; be able to multitask effectively during busy times.

Fluent in Dutch & English

French also? Great!

You breathe IT & business solutions

SAP’s supply Chain Modules SD (OTC)/MM (P2P)

Senior level experience

SAP’s supply Chain Modules PP (MAN) / WM (or eWM)

Relevant experience


What do we give you?

We start with money, if you pay peanuts you get monkey's :-)

Furthermore impossible to define 'a great atmosphere'. You can't Google it.

Ask someone what they mean, and you get the usual responses.

We have a close team.

Everyone is very open.

There are lots of personal contacts.

When you walk around for a day at TheValueChain offices you will see it.

You will understand what our consultants mean.

They like working.

They are proud of their company.

Of their profession.

They'll happily tell you all about the family feel.

Lifelong learning

= our Cornerstone!

Discover our solutions evenings

You'll be addicted!

Our coaching sessions

They will lift you up!

Questions? Interested? Or just curious?

Elke Provost


Elke Provost