Smart location-based marketing

Smart location-based marketing. Create your mobile campaign in no time and increase brand recognition. No Bluetooth, no GPS, no beacons required.

As a retailer, how do you convince new customers to pay your shop a visit? How do you create more affinity with your brand? With Zetapulse, you can send passersby a teasing coupon or a message on their smartphone via third-party apps. Setting up a brand campaign is easy.

Your message or campaign can be context-sensitive: activate only if the temperature is +20°C, for example, or in case of a traffic jam. Thanks to the unique technique of geolocation, Zetapulse delivers your push notification to your potential customer with perfect timing. Location-based marketing without Bluetooth, GPS or beacons.

Zetapulse location-based marketing

Use cases

  • Big data: build and enrich user data
  • Personalize in-app ads based on travel or purchasing behavior
  • Retargeting: send push notifications for impulse purchases
  • Omnichannel experience: the smartphone as a personal shopping assistant

Tailoring promotions to users

With Zetapulse, you increase your knowledge about the app users, while respecting privacy legislation. Which users visited location X, for example, or how much time did they spend there? Based on this, as an advertiser you can personalize your promotions per target group. As an app owner, you can map the travel and purchasing behaviour of your users and enrich your data segments.


Since the summer of 2017, Zetapulse has been an associate member of the Gumption Group. Gumption supports Zetapulse with business development and marketing.