Know your customers in real life

Your customer intelligence is only as good as your data. ZetaPulse brings your customers’ offline world into your online dataset, giving you the path-to-purchase picture your customer profiles have been missing.

ZetaPulse is a mobile context marketing platform that provides offline customer
intelligence and mobile marketing messages delivered at the customers’ most relevant

Utilizing a unique algorithm coupled with triangulation techniques, ZetaPulse brings
location-based advertising delivered solely via mobile data or Wi-Fi, eliminating the need
for costly hardware, Bluetooth beacons or GPS integrations. By integrating its easy-to-install
SDK into their existing apps, ZetaPulse clients finally have a window into their
customers’ path-to-purchase, as well as the mechanism to reach them when it matters

Zetapulse location-based marketing

Easy to start

  • Integrates into your existing Android or iOS app
  • Setup in hours, not weeks (or months)
  • Customers’ privacy protected with GDPR compliance
  • No data silos! All data auto-syncs to your existing data management platform or
    CRM system

Intelligence for the offline world

Get the 360º customer view you need. With ZetaPulse customer intelligence, you
understand how your customers travel, shop and buy, even when they’re not online. With
auto-sync to your existing DMP/CRM system, you’ll gain a unified for view for creating
data-driven connections.

Meet them where they are

Understanding your customer’s path-to-purchase delivers your message when they’re
ready to hear it – even if they don’t know it yet. It’s brand awareness delivered at the most
relevant moments. It’s engagement driven by context. Backed by customer-driven insights,
push marketing is suddenly meaningful.


Since the summer of 2017, ZetaPulse has been an associate member of the Gumption
Group. Gumption supports ZetaPulse with business development and marketing.