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YouthStart is an organisation which helps vulnerable young people to become entrepreneurs of their own lives.

Belgium has a total of 273,000 young people who are not employed, who don’t go to school and who are not in education. This is evident from the figures published by OESO. These young people are YouthStart’s target group. The organisation helps them to discover their talents and sharpen their entrepreneurial spirit via a practical training programme.

During an intensive eight-day course, qualified trainers will help them to translate a business idea into a concrete business plan. This, in turn, will stimulate their self-confidence and will ensure they can reconnect with the professional field.

CenEnergy Team

Feedback from the business world is incredibly valuable to our young people, that’s why we enjoy working with a partner like the Gumption Group. We share the same will to succeed and love for entrepreneurship. The interaction between the young people and the entrepreneurs will be inspiring for both.

Bart De Bondt

CEO, YouthStart

Knowledge and facilities

An impressive eight out of ten participants return to school, find a job or start their own business after completing the training.

The Gumption Group is going to be one of the YouthStart programme’s godfathers. In concrete terms this means the Gumption Group’s entrepreneurs will form part of the jury which evaluates the participants’ business plans. The Gumption Group will finance a training course every year and makes its offices available for the course.

Matching mentality

‘YouthStart’s ‘can do’ mentality perfectly links into our own’, Bart Embrechts agrees. ‘I am certainly not dismissing the idea of young people with a successful business idea finding employment with us. This will turn the collaboration into a win-win situation.’