Your finance department ready for the future

Optimizes your finance department’s operations with expertise, technology & management staffing. Aligns processes with strategy & information needs.

YouCtrl (pronounced: youcontrol) helps companies optimise their finance department operations with specialist expertise and technology. The goal: to align processes with strategic objectives and with the information needs of executives and managers. The approach is unique, since YouCtrl combines the insight of the financial and the IT consultant.

Bmatix Team

‘To drive their business, decision-takers need to be able to intervene quickly and make the right choices. For this purpose, they need a clear insight into performance indicators and the effect of new initiatives on the development of the company. The finance department plays a vital role. It has to process information quickly and correctly into input for operational and strategic decisions. At the same time, the department has to be cost-effective. In a great many companies there is room for improvement. YouCtrl makes the finance department ready for the future.’

Bart Willems

Managing partner, YouCtrl

Expertise, management staffing and technology

YouCtrl addresses the challenges with various services and solutions. YouCtrl provides advice on optimising working capital, provides financial managers and makes the IT environment of finance departments more efficient.

In relation to advice and implementation, YouCtrl is focusing on e-billing, cash flow optimisation, travel and expenses optimisation, and debtor management. Through shared services and management staffing services such as CFO as a service, it offers companies flexible capacity, extra knowledge and a sounding board. Finally, YouCtrl assists companies in their search for the most suitable financial software solution and the right partner.