Supply chain architects

Supply chain architects. Strategy guidance, feasibility studies, process transformation, operational optimization, interim management. Pragmatic, no-nonsense.

For consultancy and coaching in supply chain management, businesses usually have to turn to large consultancy firms or self-employed consultants. valueXstream is positioning itself in the middle, and offering the best of both worlds. As a technology-neutral partner, it combines broad expertise and capacity with flexibility, commitment and ability to deliver. The 12-strong valueXstream team coaches clients in strategic reflection, operational optimization and performance enhancement.

Bmatix Team

‘New technologies are turning sectors and business models upside down, and that includes the existing supply chain processes. What do you do with e-commerce and omnichannel strategies? How do you convert a pallet business to a parcel business? These questions are preoccupying a lot of companies. valueXstream helps in forming the vision and advises on transformation projects from A to Z.’

Marc Van Hoeck

Managing Partner, valueXstream

The X in valueXstream

valueXstream is concentrating primarily on medium-sized and larger SMEs. The X stands for:


valueXstream focuses on the value stream – the stream of goods and information in a business. The client’s needs, drivers and aims determine the conceptual framework: the advice given is not influenced by a portfolio of solutions, or by a random partnership with a supplier.


No non-committal advice, because intelligent processes and functional systems are the ultimate aim. valueXstream fills the gap.