Make the right ICT infrastructure choices

Turns ICT infrastructure into a business enabler. Consolidates, standardises, automates, virtualises, secures. Helps you reduce infrastructure costs.

Make your ICT infrastructure into a business enabler

Your ICT infrastructure has to contribute effectively to the profitable growth and resilience of the company. Rank1 helps you, the decision-makers, tune the infrastructure to the needs of your business.

Rank1 is a team of 20 ICT addicts and experts with an in-depth knowledge of IT architectures, technologies and industry standards. They like to roll up their sleeves, shoulder to shoulder with your team.

Foresee the future

Rank1 lets your ICT infrastructure evolve into a versatile, responsive and scalable always-on environment that runs ahead of your business strategy and user needs. We consolidate, standardize, automate and virtualize. Rank1 helps you ensure business continuity, as well as the security of data and systems. At the same time, we will help you find new ways to reduce costs. This will give you scope for strategic initiatives and innovation.

4ForeCsee the future

4ForeCsee the future stands for the proactive approach of Rank1 in relation to infrastructure management. The 4 Cs stand for 4 business drivers that determine your strategic choices: cost efficiency, control, comfort and change readiness.