We are a digital agency, driven by behavioural science, (game) design and technology. We believe that a human-centred approach to digital innovation is crucial to improve your business.

Liftov designs digital innovations, but puts human behaviour front and centre. Liftov has creative teams in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Liftov team consists of experts in the areas of behavioural science, game design, user experience and digital technology.

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“Innovation, or the desire for it, often starts from the perspective of products, processes and procedures. Digital transformation, however, is actually about people. Whether you are digitalising client contact or want to improve employee collaboration, human behaviour is at the centre.”

Jaap Gerretsen, Creative Strategist & Partner

Analysis and ideation

From question to concept, within a week. We deploy behavioural sciences and design thinking to build a visual concept that is ready for testing.

Rapid prototyping & validation

A fast lane to tangible results. Put your assumptions and concepts to the test as soon as possible. We build, thoroughly test and evaluate (paper) prototypes before taking your project into production.

Design and gamification

A good user experience is essential to make a product successful. We base our design choices on scientific insight, and we increase user participation through creative games and storytelling.


Front end and back end developers create responsive web applications, native mobile apps and games.