Mobile learning platform

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Mobile training platform that makes learning fun. Combines micro-learning techniques with gamification and predefined content packages to speed up onboarding and drive sales.

Empower your employees with the knowledge they need to succeed. MobieTrain’s mobile training platform improves knowledge retention with personalised, gamified learning paths. 5 minutes a day is all it takes to boost sales, build knowledge and provide standout customer experiences.


“MobieTrain offers personalised learning processes and uses reinforcement techniques to make training more efficient. We go for mobile first: training at the place, time and device of your choice. This makes it easier to set newcomers to work. An extensive set of tools enables the management to follow up the progress of trainees in real time.”

Guy Van Neck

managing partner, MobieTrain

In January 2018, the start-up was selected with 11 other businesses from more than 500 international teams for the StartupBootcamp Commerce Amsterdam 2018. On 18 May, MobieTrain showcased its innovative concept before an audience of 300 investors and corporate partners from the retail and technology sector. Since the summer of 2017 MobieTrain has been associate member of Gumption Group. Gumption supports the company with business development and marketing.