We make you smile on Monday morning

Helps employers and job-seekers to find a good fit between company culture and the applicant’s personality, life goal and cultural preferences.

It is our mission to be a game changer in the recruitment world by expanding our recruitment platform on a global scale, and by convincing both employers and employees to go for job happiness. We say goodbye to recruitment techniques based on intellect only, and devoting too little attention to a healthy heart-head balance. We want to interactively match real people behind bone-dry CV’s with the culture and values of a company, and help them reach their common goals.

Djobby clients

‘When arriving on Monday morning at their job, people want to believe they are contributing to something that matters, to something bigger. Something that makes them valuable. Because we all want to be loved and respected. People want to make a difference, and feel appreciated and respected. And the only way to achieve that, is to start recruiting and retaining our employees in a different way. With more emotion, and less ratio.’

Johan Driessens

Managing Partner, Djobby

Making the world a happier place to work

It is our mission to satisfy all stakeholders in the recruitment process by making the world a happier place to work, and by creating a working environment where people feel at home. By delivering a world-class job recruitment platform, we help our clients focus on human capital, keep talent in the company, and improve the return on recruitment investment.

We want our platform to be affordable for both SME’s and larger entities while rewarding our own investors with a maximum return on investment.