Bring a Smile

Charity organization

Bring a Smile

Provide unforgettable moments to seriously ill children and their parents.

In April 2016, non-profit organization Bring a Smile vzw has joined the Gumption group. Gumption assists the charity in professionalizing their organization.

Bring a Smile provides unforgettable moments to seriously ill children and their parents. This is done through a wide variety of experiences: by organising a dream trip, for example, or an unexpected visit from a Flemish celebrity with a lovely gift. Bring a Smile helps healthcare institutions make wishes come true for which they themselves lack the budget. Now and then, the charity gives parents financial support for minor medical expenses that aren’t refunded by medical insurance.

Bring a Smile Sophie and Kim

‘It was via one of our companies that the group came into contact with Bring a Smile at the end of 2015. After a moving testimony, our managers decided unanimously to support the organisation. Several Gumption companies have developed projects together with Bring a Smile. In doing so, we are giving our social engagement a structured place within the organisation.’

Bart Embrechts

Managing Partner , Gumption

How it all started

Juliette was only two months old when she was stricken with acute leukaemia in 2009. Juliette and her parents went through a horrible year of suffering. After spending more than 300 days in hospitals, the girl fully recovered from her disease. Today, she is as fit as a fiddle. Juliette’s mother Sophie Van den Bergh wrote out the story in her book ‘Alleen haar zusje kan haar redden’ (‘Only her sister can save her’). Together with her bosom buddy Kim Van Oncen, Sophie founded Bring a Smile vzw in 2011.