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Experts in software testing and test automation. Sharp focus on new technologies such as cloud, mobile and big data. Extensive tool experience.

Brightest is a start-up in software testing. Brightest aims to deliver top quality by focusing 100% on its core business. That is necessary, because the rise of new digital technologies like mobile, cloud and big data is making testing far more complex. Brightest also offers affordable tools for automating test processes.

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‘Quality is not a luxury. It’s an essential. Software testing is about providing clients and users a world class experience. That’s why quality is our number one concern.’

The Brightest team

Many companies offer testing as part of a comprehensive application development service package. Brightest has opted resolutely for focus. “As an independent testing partner, we guarantee objectivity in the approach, and advanced specialisation in our field”, says Koen De Wilde of Brightest. “That has benefits for the quality of the software supplied, and ensures a better fit with the business requirements, time-to-market and total development cost.”

New digital technologies

“The emergence of new standards and digital technologies like mobile, cloud and big data makes testing far more complex”, adds Pieter Chiau. “Testing mobile apps requires a lot of technical know-how, for example about operating systems and integration with back-end systems. Brightest has the necessary expertise to play a leading role in that.”

Pieter Chiau and Koen De Wilde, Managing Partners of Brightest

Career path for test engineers

“Due to our focus, Brightest offers test engineers a career path in their specialist field. In most companies with a broad range of services, that is not the case. Ambitious test engineers end up doing analysis or development there. That way, a lot of knowledge and experience are wasted. At Brightest, we are building a knowledge community.”

Tools for automating tests

Brightest offers affordable tools for automating tests. Many tools are not suited to small and medium-sized businesses: they offer a lot of functionality, but the cost is high. Brightest provides businesses with affordable tools that also appeal to large companies.