Attract talent matching your culture

Employer branding & job communication services with emotional impact. Attract talent matching your culture through authentic stories and new technologies.

‘Tony Hsieh of Zappos is considered as one of the best employers of our time. One of his famous quotes is: “Your culture is your brand”. This reflects perfectly our daily employer branding practice at Branded.Careers: focus on promoting your company culture, and stop bragging about facts and figures.’

Johan Driessens

Managing Partner, Branded.Careers




Training and events

Branded.Careers regularly organises events and seminars for the global community of companies, HR people and other professionals interested in creating and maintaining job happiness. Inde¬pendently or in collaboration with Universum, we have designed programs such as the Employer Branding Academy and the Culture Club, as well as keynotes by Johan Driessens.

‘Frequent job hopping is destructive for all parties involved. It destroys both social and shareholder value. In a job vacancy campaign, show them why and they will apply. Period.’



Djobby actually materializes what we have learned during all those years at Branded.Careers. Djobby incorporates all this experience in one global, cost-effective platform, allowing both employers and employees to profit from our culture-matching approach and services.

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