Act informed

Focus on challenges in information management, BI advisory, predictive analytics, planning & consolidation. Technology: SAP, Microsoft, Qlik, SAS.

Bmatix focuses on challenges in information management. It firmly believes in the potential of business intelligence and analytics to make your company a better business. More competitive, more innovative, more productive and more profitable. Act informed: Bmatix helps you with essential insights, informed decisions and appropriate actions based on data from internal and external sources.

Bmatix Team

‘Many companies are doing BI & analytics projects, yet clearly they are not always doing them at all well. We hear plenty of business people complain about the sluggishness of setting up systems, stubborn data inconsistencies and lack of understanding between business and IT. Often those problems relate to the gulf between long-term vision and short-term needs. Finding the right balance is one of our main goals.’

Jan Vautmans

Managing Partner, Bmatix

Information management services

Bmatix listens, evaluates, measures, advises, coaches, proposes concepts and strategies, supplies technologies and builds solutions for business users. Leading technologies from companies including SAP, SAS, Microsoft and Qlik form the solid backbone of the company’s solutions. Years of experience have shaped best practices. They are the guidelines for custom projects and in business solutions for specific target groups. Bmatix promotes a holistic vision of business intelligence and analytics and advocates an agile project approach.

The team

More than half the Bmatix staff have over 10 years of project experience in business intelligence and analytics. Many of them worked together for years before Bmatix was founded. The team built up excellent references long before the business became Bmatix. And it is still doing that today. Bmatix has offices in Belgium and Luxembourg.