Fast technological developments disrupt all industries and sectors. AppyThings helps organisations achieve short and long-term business value through digital transformation. It focuses on providing API strategies and solutions, based on close partnerships with leading platforms such as Apigee and SAP Cloud Platform.

AppyThings supports companies with digital transformation and the development of API programmes. With APIs, you can open up business data and functionality to apps and websites, including of third parties. AppyThings focuses on four use cases: application integration, customer engagement, new earnings models and Internet of Things.


4 use cases

AppyThings 4 use cases

“API programmes were the making of companies such as Airbnb, Apple and Facebook. The same principles can be applied to any organisation. By opening up certain data and functions to partners, you create alternative earnings models, find new customers and increase engagement of existing customers. A smart API strategy helps you build your digital leadership.”

(Anthony Doerga, founder and managing partner)