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If you’re an SAP developer who’s worth your salt (see requirements below), we’d love for you to join our team at TheValueChain. But don’t just do it for us – do it for you! Because we’re the kind of place that lets you build the career you want, whether you want to lead, to solve, to present or to create. If you will it, it is no dream!


Let’s keep it short and sweet. TheValueChain is a dynamic team of qualified consultants focused on SAP. We help our customers find end-to-end solutions to their digital challenges. We live by our motto: Accelerate. Adapt. Act. In other words: we like to move it, move it!


We’re looking to add talent to Core Development, one of our 14 units. Core Development specialises in ABAP back-end development, authorisations, and BC. Their aim: to build robust reports, services and outputs. They also specialise in authorisations for ECC and private and public cloud.

We’d like you to work in development, authorisations or BC.

As a developer, your skills include:

  • an excellent knowledge of ABAP
  • a strong command of NetWeaver Gateway
  • an affinity with Adobe Forms
  • and last but not least: CDS

If you’re interested in the authorisations role, then:

  • authorisations have no secrets for you and
  • knowledge of GRC is a plus!

And when it comes to BC:

  • You possess excellent analytical skills


The main challenges of working in Core Development are:

  • knowing how to analyse a technical problem
  • translating functional requirements into technical solutions
  • keeping up with the latest developments in technology

That’s why, for all of these roles you will need:

  • at least four years of experience
  • a no-nonsense mentality
  • an eagerness to learn
  • the ability to work independently


We believe that unleashing the potential of our employees is the best way to create value – both for our customers and for our employees. Here are five ways in which we do this:

  • One team - Play hard - Great freedom - No fluff - Core commitment

At TheValueChain, our structure is flat and our teams compact. Innovation is our middle name, so you’ll be immersed in new technologies and solutions. Add to that our belief in your ability to design your own career path and you get the idea: your ambition sets the pace for your future at TheValueChain – whether it be as project leader or team leader, as a subject expert , solutions owner or when presenting business cases to prospects and clients.

And more! Because we know you can.

Interested? Come accelerate, adapt and act with us.

Get in touch with our human capital team and let’s set up that talk!

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Accelerate. Adapt. Act. SAP Gold partner, turning companies into future-proof intelligent enterprises through optimal pragmatic use of up-to-date digital technology. Servicing wholesale & distribution, discrete manufacturing, professional services, and utility sector. Specific expertise in customer experience.
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