Our Co-Creators

Long live the start-ups and scale-ups of this world! Gumption has a double role. Firstly, to link up our cocreators with an energetic ecosystem. And secondly, to offer them a supportive entrepreneur platform. So they can focus 100% on added value for your organisation.

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Interconnected small is the new big

All Gumption companies are start-ups or scale-ups. Or at least they were when they joined Gumption. Today Gumption is an inspiring mix of young wolves and experienced entrepreneurs. We learn from one another. Because entrepreneurial spirit is like the Olympic flame. Inextinguishable. Our credo: interconnected small is the new big.

Our companies are brimming over with innovative ideas. Are focused on their customers. Flexible, specialised and always complementary. Shared values and a hands-on approach set us apart. In our ecosystem, we are constantly on the lookout for synergies and possibilities for co-creation. For unexploited value for the customer.

The Gumption hubs

Business & Operations Hub

Well-designed and automated processes make your customers happy and loyal. And your business grows as a result. Both the customer-facing and the internal processes are important for an agile, customer-focused organisation. Thanks to a clear look at the data, you can better align your decisions with your objectives.

Experience Architects Hub

Welcome to the experience economy. A convincing brand experience strengthens your ties with your target groups: customers and prospects, employees and job applicants, citizens. Piece of cake for innovation strategists, employer branders, digital marketers, UX designers and digital whiz kids.

Smart Hub

There are many good reasons to invest in digital technology. Give your customers and collaborators a top experience with robust and high-performance ICT infrastructure. Security. Collect (big) data to support your policy choices. Maximally guarantee access to processes and data. Work together and communicate better with colleagues and partners.


Fully use our 360° ecosystem for networking, knowledge sharing, cross-pollination and co-creation with our passionate members.


Focus completely on the heart of your business: your people, target audience and offering. Gumption relieves you of non-core-business activities.


Keep your authenticity: we believe in the power of diversity.


If needed, convey the power and financial weight of a respected company group.