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5 basic beliefs

Small is the new big

We strongly believe in the potential of start-ups and early stagers. They score highly in innovative ideas, customer focus, speed of response and specialisation.

Combine business knowledge with an understanding of digital technology

At Gumption, we call this talent H-competence. The more you develop it, the better you use the opportunities offered by digital technology to solve business challenges. Cherish employees with a high level of H-competence.

Focus on return

Combine consultancy with a pragmatic approach and solutions that can be implemented quickly, e.g. based on best practices or aimed at niche markets. This results in a higher return faster.

Turn knowledge into wisdom

Knowledge is not a goal. Use it to develop your vision and move beyond your limits. Destination: wisdom society.

Watch the balance between IT and business strategy

In a healthy company, IT and business strategy are fully aligned. Use the potential of IT and turn it into a business enabler.