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News Sep 17, 2020

‘Working with your hands and the computer; that’s what makes this job so exciting’

Jana Wuyts

Miguel Pluquet is a lead senior technician at Mercuron, one of the Gumption companies. He talks about what it's like to work at the Ghent-based company specialised in wireless mobile communication.

What does Mercuron do?

We make sure you can make phone calls wherever you are. Mercuron improves mobile phone signal coverage, for instance in factories or offices. We take measurements and analyse the data, after which we fit the right installations. Every building is different.

We find ourselves in the craziest places: from a hunting cabin to a crematorium. The brave ones among us work at heights. I used to be a mountain climber for years, so I have no problems climbing on top of a mast or the roof of a church tower. But it isn't a must, you always work in a team.

Who works at your company?

You could say we are a diverse bunch. My permanent team member is from Burkina Faso, it tends to be mostly men who apply for jobs here. And yet, it's not a physically demanding job. You do have to work with cables, but it really isn't back-breaking work. Our youngest employee is 20, the oldest 57.

We have experienced huge growth since joining Gumption Group. We are in the middle of a recruitment drive to attract technicians to help us install our mobile phone and Wi-Fi networks.

Do you need to have any previous training?

Degrees are less important than motivation. You have to be able to use a drill as well as a laptop. That's what makes this job so interesting. The combination of practical insight and technical ingenuity. Working with your hands and the computer.

You don't need to have any specific educational background. You learn mostly on the job. I studied computer science, but I missed working with my hands. This job gives me the best of both worlds. I ended up learning all about radio signals through home study.

Any other job requirements?

Flexibility is quite important. In some places, for instance, you can only work at night, like in a factory where people work during the day. The job also involves a lot of travelling around, because we work all over the country and sometimes also abroad. A healthy interest in how things work, that's crucial.

Mercuron technieker

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