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news Mar 24, 2020

WORKING IN CORONAVIRUS TIMES - How to work from home securely

Eva Van Der Schoot

In this mini-series, we have invited specialists of Gumption Group to share their tips for working from home. IT specialist Raf De Backer (42) of Rank1 explains how you can work from home securely.

TIP 1. Cybercriminals exploit any crisis. There are many fake emails circulating at the moment aimed at stealing people’s data. The ‘dark side’ is taking advantage of the fact that people are suddenly working from home. So, it’s more important than ever to think twice before clicking on a link in an email, even if the video call invite or request to update your data looks reliable. The risk of receiving a malicious email is very real. Be on your guard. When in doubt, contact your IT technician.

TIP 2. In the last few days, there has been a lot more online activity. We have really noticed this. All of a sudden, everyone is video calling. We have seen some glitches in the performance of these video tools. When the company tool fails, turn off the video function. Or use your mobile phone to call. Don’t switch to external programmes. These so-called shadow IT solutions are a security risk.

TIP 3. Are you working from home on your own computer or laptop? Then you must make sure to download the latest version of security software. Unsecured PCs are a risk to the company network. Sophos offers a free security programme for home. If you don’t know enough about this or if you want to protect more than one PC: feel free to ask us for advice. We can help remotely.

TIP 4. Good headphones are a must for home working. Our brand of choice is Plantronics – every employee has a pair. They have an inbuilt microphone, top-quality audio and connect via Bluetooth to a laptop and mobile phone. The noise-cancelling models ensure you can work in peace and quiet. We also sell this brand ourselves at very competitive prices.

TIP 5. Also useful, I think, is Konftel Ego, a portable set for video conferencing. It allows you to call hands-free without headphones. I also use it to play music. Another very handy piece of equipment is a universal docking station. With this, you can use your TV as a monitor for video meetings, for instance. With the right cables, you can set up a pretty decent home office.

Interested in advice, help or hardware from Rank1? Contact Raf via

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