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EVENT Oct 4, 2019

valueXstream and Rank1 at ABISS 2019, the top digital industry event

ABISS is the networking trade show about digitisation in manufacturing and related industries. Two Gumption companies shared a stand at the show on 3 October.

ABISS welcomed C-level executives and decisionmakers who were looking for smart digital software, apps and solutions for their businesses. Visitors were able to explore the services of the Gumption companies in an original way, with Rank1 flagging up the dangers of malware and phishing via a virtual reality game, and supply chain specialist valueXstream presenting a concrete application of augmented reality in the supply chain.

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Rank1 on cybersecurity

‘Cybersecurity is a hot topic,’ Katrien Reyniers of Rank1 says. ‘Three in four companies were subjected to a phishing attack last year. Investment in security is not a luxury but a necessity.’

Via a virtual reality game, Rank1 pointed out the dangers to visitors in a playful way. ‘Players solved simple puzzles,’ Katrien elucidates. ‘If they did this successfully, they eliminated malware bots and bugs in the virtual environment. It’s a fun way to demonstrate the importance of our security solutions.’ The game is developed by Rank1’s partner, Sophos.

With the right software, Rank1 helps businesses prevent malicious attacks. It guarantees a secure digital environment and offers backup procedures and recovery plans. ‘We also provide workshops to teach employees how to spot phishing emails. An amazing 97% don’t know what they look like and 12% actually end up clicking on a malicious link,’ Katrien says. ‘Security starts with training your employees.’

Sophos vr game abiss

valueXstream on digitisation in supply chain

‘We provide independent supply chain related advice to businesses,’ Marc Van Hoeck says. ‘It means the customer doesn’t have to compare ten solutions. We use our expertise to advise them on what they need. That saves time, money and hassle.'

At a trade show where most of the exhibitors sell hardware or software solutions, valueXstream was the odd one out. ‘Many consider consulting nothing but hot air. We wanted to show that by providing the right advice, you can actually achieve a lot of practical results. With the help of augmented reality, we presented an application we use to improve the supply chain of our customers.

Visitors to the stand were given smart glasses to wear. ‘We simulated a real-life warehouse situation. The visitor scanned a code and, via the glasses, saw information appear in augmented reality. Order pickers in various Belgian companies already work in this way.’

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Internet of Things was one of the topics covered at the trade show. valueXstream gave advice on this too. This was the fourth time already that valueXstream was be exhibiting at ABISS. ‘People often have very concrete questions about an ERP they are rolling out or a warehouse they are extending. Or they are curious about a benchmark for logistics costs,’ Marc Van Hoeck says. Apart from giving advice, valueXstream also provides interim managers with extensive supply chain expertise.

Gumption ecosystem

Gumption is a group of 20 companies in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The group focuses on co-creation with a 360° approach to digital challenges. ‘The Gumption ecosystem brings together different perspectives. Two of our companies exhibiting at ABISS was an example of this,’ Bart Embrechts says. ‘Digital transformation requires expertise from many disciplines, because everything is part of the greater whole: your strategy and your market positioning, your product quality, how you arrange your processes, organise your data, what technologies you use, how you deal with candidates, employees and customers. That is why, as a technology partner, too, you have to break down the traditional silo structures.’

ABISS was once again held at Kortrijk Xpo. The trade show attracted more than 1000 visitors. ‘ABISS is the place to be if you are interested in the integration of digitisation software,’ the organisers explain. ‘Digitising a manufacturing company is a complex undertaking. The number of operating processes is much larger than in retail or services, for example. At ABISS visitors were treated to demos they won’t find at any other trade show.’

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