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The omnichannel customer experience at Prayon

Jana Wuyts

TheValueChain and Prayon have been working on several projects in the area of customer experience. This success story is about how a pragmatic approach – driven by SAP technology – supports a customer-oriented strategy in sales, marketing and the digital B2B economy.

Prayon is a global phosphate producer headquartered in Belgium, with manufacturing operations in Belgium, France and the United States. Jointly owned by OCP (Morocco) and SRIW (Belgium), Prayon manufactures and markets an extensive range of phosphate-based products that are used in food, horticulture and numerous industrial applications.

Simplifying sales and marketing with SAP Sales Cloud

One of the projects Prayon and TheValueChain have been working on in the past was simplifying sales and marketing with SAP Sales Cloud. The previous CRM on-premise platform has been switched to the SAP Sales Cloud and offers 90 users globally an up-to-date 360° picture of customers, as well on smartphone as on tablet.

Thanks to the underlying real-time HANA database, they always have the latest status on customers, quotations and opportunities. “It makes the salespeople more productive and efficient and we manage to make more accurate forecasts, which enable us to better align budgets, production and inventory” says Marc Senterre, Director IT at Prayon.

This allows Prayon to better respond to the digital and economic developments in their sector and anticipate the expectations of the customer. Investments in hardware were not needed, which had a positive impact on the total cost of ownership.

Prayon Marc Senterre

Keeping your organization competitive during a digital transformation

The implementation of the SAP Sales Cloud was a first big step in the digital transformation of Prayon. Recently, TheValueChain also implemented SAP Marketing and SAP Commerce.

The goal of SAP Marketing was to start with more personalized communication to the customers instead of, for example, informing the entire customer base about product and packaging changes or legal aspects, only sending relevant information to whom is concerned. Next to this, marketing automation is also used for the follow-up of sample business and new product launches.

Central customer portal

The latest customer-driven area of impact is the realisation of a customer portal. Prayon wanted to increase revenue in LATAM and APAC regions with South America and India as pilots. The goal is to deliver a central customer portal where all business- and marketing-related information is stored and updated. This portal also works as a collaboration platform between the local salespeople, the customers and the Prayon back-office.

“This approach is part of our agile strategy where we first want to test smaller projects – initially not fully integrated – and learn from it, before doing a broader roll-out”, explains Marc. “This B2B portal is quite revolutionary in our industry. We notice that there is also a lot of international interest in what we have realised.

Excellent solution knowledge

TheValueChain was chosen as the implementation partner for the customer experience applications. “TheValueChain has been selected thanks to its excellent solution knowledge and business insights”, explains Marc.

“They immediately understood our challenges and pragmatic culture. They managed to translate a big wish list of requirements into a well-structured solution. Thanks to a thorough analysis, sticking to the standard and applying an agile approach, the projects were realised within budget and in a limited time span”, Marc added.

Dedicated training sessions

An underestimated challenge was to convince the end users within Prayon. A lot of persuasiveness and dedicated training sessions were needed over time to change the perception of the users. Once they understood the value and experienced the system support in their day-to-day operations, they became motivated ambassadors.

This B2B portal is quite revolutionary in our industry. We notice that there is also a lot of international interest for what we have realised.

Marc Senterre
Director IT, Prayon

Pioneer in ever-changing economy

In the meantime, everyone within Prayon realises the need for a digital transformation in several areas, obviously always using an agile and pragmatic approach. The organisation and its management are determined to remain a pioneer in this ever-changing economy and to better understand the expectations of the customer in order to innovate and stay relevant.

“No need to say that the SAP customer experience technology drives these business-driven changes”, concludes Marc.

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