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SNAPSHOT2021 Jul 22, 2021

New technology: discover the use case for your organisation with TheValueChain

Jana Wuyts

Investments in intelligent hyperautomation, e-commerce and ERP in the cloud are booming. New technologies are playing a crucial role in the global transformation. They make your business processes smarter or implement tasks more efficiently and intelligently. Sounds good, but: how do you put all that into practice for your company? Eric Hassenberg explains the approach of TheValueChain.      

“The SaaS licence model of SAP S/4HANA Cloud effectively offers you innovation as a service”, says Eric Hassenberg, partner at TheValueChain. “The upgrades keep your cloud solution up-to-date with the latest technologies and features. You can activate technologies such as chatbots and conversational AI, robotic process automation (RPA), or machine learning and predictive analytics at any time. We even have a separate Hyperautomation Team ready to serve our customers."

"What do these technologies have in common with one another? They bring people and technology closer together. Think for example of bots that process incoming PO´s, or customer orders via e-mail. Your employees can thus spend more time on tasks that generate high-value results."

Eric hassenberg

Making it tangible for your own company
Everyone’s talking about new technologies, but where do you begin? “The Innovation Tribe of TheValueChain makes new technologies tangible in the Innovation Garage.”, Eric explains. “For example, they came up with Chainy, a digital supply chain assistant on top of S/4HANA. Or Trucky, an end-to-end solution for inbound trucks. Trucky combines RPA, WhatsApp, Machine Learning and IoT with standard functionality of warehouse & transportation management in S/4HANA. With speaking demonstrations - and you can take that literally - as a manager you grasp the potential in just a few minutes."

From pretotype to working application
"Companies need clear use cases and solutions that convince people. TheValueChain implements a step-by-step plan with online sessions for idea formation and sounding board meetings. In phase 1 we transform the idea into a pretotype, illustrated with a pretovideo that demonstrates the possibilities. Step 2 is a prototype or proof of concept. This connects the idea to the experiential world of the users. In step 3 we build a minimum viable product (MVP), the first version of the new application. In step 4 we optimise it on the basis of user feedback.”


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