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news Jun 24, 2019

New Gumption Group office in Het Eilandje in Antwerp

Gumption Group has opened another office in Antwerp to accommodate its continuing growth. ‘We listened to our young creatives and built an office that inspires them,’ says CEO Bart Embrechts.

‘Het Eilandje in Antwerp is an area of exciting change. That’s totally in tune with our dynamic,’ says Bart Embrechts. ‘In recent years, Gumption has doubled in size. Our head office in Kontich was bursting at the seams. So, when we went looking for extra space, we really didn’t have to think twice.’

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‘Young creative minds look at mobility differently. They often live in the city and prefer cycling to work or taking public transport. With this in mind, we searched for an urban, inspiring setting with good transport links. Our new office, in the bend of the river Scheldt, right by the port, is a dream location in that respect.’

Meeting space

‘This is by no means a traditional workplace,’ Bart Embrechts explains. ‘Gumption Groups stands for a new way of working together, which is reflected in our offices. Centrally, we provide a reception area with bar and meeting space. We have created a lively place where our consultants, who often work at customer sites, can meet each other, get to know each other better and share knowledge across businesses.’

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Boring Room

The new office is situated in the famous Hangar 26-27 building on Rijnkaai which underwent a major renovation in 2018. Employer branding specialist Branded.Careers and digital design agency Liftov were the first companies to move into the new building. ‘There’s no reason why things can’t be a little crazy,’ says Johan Driessens of Branded Careers.

‘The meeting room is called Boring Room, there is a trendy bar and a lounge for anyone who wants to relax for a while. A moss wall and herb plants in the conference table add a green touch. We thought about the decor during workshops and have given free rein to creativity. Your office is your home, it has to match what you stand for as a company. Creative souls wither away in a traditional office. That’s something we want to avoid at all cost.’

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‘The location is dynamic and the sunset over the Scheldt invites you to work late,’ says Derk De Kimpe of Liftov. ‘It’s nice to have colleagues of other like-minded businesses around us.’ ‘Co-creation is ingrained in the DNA of Gumption Group,’ says Bart Embrechts. ‘A shared physical location for our most complementary businesses obviously plays a part in this. This physical proximity will generate even more great collaborations in the future.’ Besides its office in Antwerp and Kontich, Gumption Group also has offices in Wavre, Kehlen (Luxembourg) and Amersfoort (Netherlands).

Gumption Group teamed up with Rosehip & Raspberry to furnish the office.

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