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News Dec 30, 2020

Laurens de Baenst is Gumption Ambassador of the Year

Jana Wuyts

For a year, employees of the Gumption companies competed against each other in the Gumption Ambassador of the Year competition. They completed assignments and got to know each other and the Gumption companies better. Laurens de Baenst from TheValueChain takes home the main prize: an Oculus VR set.

“At Gumption we are fully committed to co-creation", sats Bart Embrechts. "We have in-house specialists in almost all domains of digital transformation. Our companies join forces to solve digital challenges in the market. If we want to co-create, it is important that we get to know each other well across the boundaries of the companies. That was the starting point of this initiative.”

Gaining knowledge

The assignments aimed to increase knowledge within the group and to share interesting facts. The assignments included: take the initiative to get to know two colleagues from the group, share a business lead, follow the social media pages, bring in a candidate, come up with a wild idea, award a colleague, put a customer in the spotlight, and so on.

Each quarter, an interim winner walked away with a special prize. Liene De Bie of Brightest/Gumption won a weekend out on the road with a top-of-the-line model from BMW. Elke Provost from TheValueChain won a surprise trip. Bjorn Lauwerijs of Branded.Careers enjoyed a luxury dinner and Nathalie Wittemans of Rank 1 was allowed to take a corona safe trip.

Digitised competition

"The campaign had already started in the autumn of 2019, so before the corona pandemic", says Bart Embrechts. "The virus threatened to totally disrupt the initiative. That is why we digitised the competition so that today we have a well-deserved winner.”

A winner was randomly selected from all the participants. Laurens de Baenst of TheValueChain can now call himself Gumption Ambassador of the Year for the next year. He has also won an Oculus VR set. “They were fun assignments,” said Laurens. “You got to know the other Gumption companies and the people who work there. I did not yet know exactly what some companies did. I think this should take place every year!”

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