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Gumption Summer School introduces students to the business world

Jana Wuyts

Gumption Group and Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts have teamed up to organise the Gumption Summer School. For five days, students will tackle concrete business challenges. Four Gumption companies will guide them through this experience. The students will take part in a hackathon and build a chatbot, among other things.

SAP specialist TheValueChain, testing expert Brightest, digital design agency Liftov and infrastructure specialist Rank 1 are lending their expertise to the initiative. The companies will set the students actual digital challenges. ‘For example, one of the assignments is to build a chatbot,’ says Iris Snoeck of Gumption Group. ‘We’ll also do work around cloud security and future-oriented digital brands.’

The students will be able to sink their teeth into these challenges and receive feedback on their presentation. At the end of the week, the jury of managers will assess the work. The person who did the best job will secure a work placement or student job.



As an alumnus of the university, Ruben Miessen will give a masterclass. With Maggy, Ruben has recently brought a wearable device on the market that aids social distancing. ‘Ruben’s journey, who is currently conquering the market with his start-up, is inspirational,’ says Iris Snoeck. ‘He has recently taken part in a European hackathon and now, he will organise a hackathon for the students.’ Ruben graduated four years ago in Multimedia and Communication Technology.

‘Students of all years and subject areas are welcome,’ says Steve Weemaels, course director of Computer Science at Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts. ‘Although the Gumption companies are active in ICT, entry is not restricted. Any student with a genuine interest in technology can register.’ Students from other academies are also welcome and pay € 500 for the week.

Ruben miessen

Hands-on business experience

The aim is to give the students a flavour of what the business world is about. ‘Our courses allow for a logical progression into the market in which these four Gumption companies operate. For the companies, it’s an interesting way to meet our talent, while the students get a hands-on experience of business. Win- win for everyone,’ says Christophe Benoit Talent and Start-up Coach at Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

The students will meet the CEOs, technical whizzes and talent scouts of the companies. The first day starts with a lecture, after which the students get to work.

Future-proof education

This is the first time Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts organises this Summer School. Gerlinde De Clerq, head of the Health, Design and Technology department: ‘Our students are the future. As a university, it’s important that we collaborate as best we can with the industry to give our students a future-proof education and prepare them for an ever-changing world which places ever-greater demands on the professional. This Summer School is one of the initiatives that help us achieve that goal.’

  • How to take part? To register, students are asked to post a video message stating their reasons for wanting to take part. Registration is possible until September 7th.
  • Dates? 14/09 - 19/09
  • Location? Office Labs, Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • Find out more?

What about corona? Since there are no classes yet, the Summer School can use the entire campus to guarantee safety. We comply strictly with official guidelines and government protocols.

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