News Dec 22, 2020

Gumption shows its most creative side in the sequel to the We're All Human art parade

Jana Wuyts

Following the We're All Human art project, coworkers of Gumption Group and their families painted wooden dolls. Together with two fellow artists, Ludo Modelo chose the most special ones.

In the spring of 2020, Gumption sponsored Ludo Modelo's 'We're All Human 2020' art project. Fifty-three painted mannequins decorated the streets of Antwerp. With the project, founder Ludo Modelo wanted to underline the interconnectedness of people, despite differences in background, race, religion or culture. Ludo Modelo is known for his Antwerp art projects. In previous years, his decorated hippos and donkeys appeared in the streets.

A seven-kilometre walk through Antwerp led past the mannequins, painted by twenty befriended artists. At the end of the open-air exhibition, the works of art found an owner through an auction. The profits went to youth charities De Kampenhoeve STER, ArmenTeKort and Hand in Hand, Together against Rheumatism.

Together with Gumption, Ludo Modelo added a creative sequel to the art project. Coworkers of Gumption received wooden dolls and painter's utensils. They were invited to give free rein to their creativity. The results are impressive!

As many as 120 dolls were handed in and exhibited in a glass container in front of the Antwerp Vlinderpaleis. Ludo Modelo, Saskia Verguts and Pascale Molenberghs chose the well-deserved winner. Discover in this video who claims the title of most creative M/F of Gumption Group.

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