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CASE Sep 30, 2021

French TotalEnergies collaborates with Ghent-based Geosparc to install EV charging point network in Antwerp

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Over the next two years, the city of Antwerp is expanding its electric vehicle (EV) charging point network. In the driving seat, French multi-energy company TotalEnergies. To ensure optimisation of the new charging infrastructure, the company has teamed up with Geosparc.

There are currently 148 charging points and 12 rapid charging points in Antwerp. To keep up with the rising demand for EV charging capacity, the city commissioned this additional network. TotalEnergies will install and operate the charging points in public places. Geosparc will fit sensors at the charging bays. These will register what bays are occupied and during what time period.

Data-driven approach

Once their car is fully charged, drivers will receive an alert. They then get time to move their car. If they don’t, they are charged a higher parking fee. If the charging bay is occupied by a non-electric car, an alert is sent to the parking attendant.

‘This data-driven approach is crucial for the efficient management of charging infrastructure,’ says Kris De Pril, CEO of Geosparc. ‘Our technology helps maximise the charging time per charging point, so a proliferation of charging points can be avoided. The technology alerts us to what charging point or sensor is faulty and we know when a charging bay is inaccessible because of roadworks, for instance. That is useful information for drivers.’

The Antwerp alderman for mobility Koen Kennis adds: ‘This technology helps us both with the maintenance and efficient use of the charging bay. The city of Antwerp and its residents attach great importance to a well-considered placement of charging points in the street scene to protect urban aesthetics and ensure that a considerable number of parking spaces remains for the residents. And, thanks to this technology, we also prevent people from occupying the charging bays for too long unnecessarily.’

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Charging point follows car

During the first phase, charging points will be installed in strategic locations. Any subsequent charging points will be placed according to the collected data.

‘This is where the principle “charging point follows car” applies,’ says Stefaan De Ganck of TotalEnergies. ‘Thanks to the technology, we are able to identify the perfect place for new charging point locations. New charging capacity will be added first in those places where the need is greatest according to the data.’

Stefaan De Ganck: ‘Thanks to the collaboration with Geosparc, we can guarantee optimal use of the charging points and give the customer the best possible experience. Together with Geosparc, we are offering a forward-looking solution that meets the mobility challenges of tomorrow.’

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Green electricity

Anyone who lives or works in Antwerp and doesn’t have their own charging point at home or access to a public charging point within a 250-metre walking distance, can submit a request via or via If approved, TotalEnergies will install the charging point for free. The user only pays for the electricity. Thirty rapid charging points with a capacity of 120 kW will be installed near taxi ranks or companies.

TotalEnergies will have the right to operate the network for a period of 12 years for normal charging points and 17 years for rapid charging points. The electricity supplied at the charging points is green electricity, generated by the Belgian Rentel offshore wind farm. TotalEnergies has already installed charging solutions in Brussels.

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Not their first venture

This is not Geosparc’s first venture into the world of EV charging point networks.

The Ghent-based company has already installed charging points with sensors at 14 carpool car parks and in Knokke.

East-Flemish intermunicipal utility company Solva makes use of Geosparc’s services to optimise Mobihubs and shared car systems, with the shared car communicating with the parking sensor.

The technology of Geosparc can also be implemented in existing charging points or integrate other sensor data.

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About Geosparc

Geosparc supports cities, municipalities and companies towards effective, smart and supported policy. Geosparc’s mission is to improve the lives of citizens through intelligent geolocation solutions based on open software and data. Geosparc is active in European R&D projects related to mobility and open data, such as PoliVisu, DUET and InspireGIS. Geosparc is an innovation partner of the Flemish Government (for GIS implementations, among other things), a supplier of GIS components to IT companies, a member of The Beacon and is part of Gumption Group.

About TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies is a multi-energy company active in the production and supply of energy: oil and biofuels, natural and green gas, renewable energy sources and electricity. In Belgium, TotalEnergies has a workforce of 5,000 people dedicated to providing ever more affordable, cleaner, reliable energy that is accessible to as many people as possible.

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