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NEWS Jul 21, 2021

DNCS and TowerEye: mavericks in the security sector

Jana Wuyts

Security companies DNCS and TowerEye from Gierle have been with the Gumption group for six months. We asked founder and CEO Gust Dierckx about his experience.

How do DNCS and TowerEye distinguish themselves?

Gust Dierckx: ‘Our strength is that we combine flexibility with a clear vision of our target group. Slaughterhouses, metal companies and many other industries like to work with us because we know their security issues. With our focus on innovative technology, we’re a maverick in the security sector. I have a background in IT, so I soon realised that’s where the future was.’

‘In the past, security was about keeping out intruders and monitoring activities. Nowadays, it’s about optimising security and integrating it into corporate processes. We monitor processes using ANPR cameras. Our technology integrates with ERP software.’

‘An example. Suppliers from all over the world load and unload at our clients’. We make sure that truck drivers are given access, know where they have to be, report to the entrance and are helped in their own language, etc. Digitalisation means that security is now much more closely related to company operations.’

How do you look back on the first six months in the group?

Gust Dierckx: ‘We’ve already met a lot of talent and some nice partnerships are flourishing. With IT infrastructure specialist Rank 1, for instance: our activities fit in nicely. But also with iXpole (hospitality) and Mercuron (wireless mobile and data communication). With Mercuron, we exchange ideas about 5G.’

‘The complementary nature of the Gumption companies is a plus. We share the same view of IT and the importance of technology. Security-as-a-service, for instance, is becoming more important in our industry, and at Gumption we’re finding the right partners. Our joining the group gives us even more clout.’

‘The Gumption network is a great benefit for us. Running a business is networking, meeting new people. That’s the main focus in my enterpreneurship. With Gumption we’ve expanded our network by 550 faces, apart from clients and followers of our ecosystem.’

Bart gust
In the past, security was about keeping out intruders and monitoring activities. Nowadays, it’s about optimising security and integrating it into corporate processes.
Gust Dierckx

How do you see the future?

Gust Dierckx: ‘COVID-19 has strengthened the security market. There hasn’t been a relapse, on the contrary. Not only hospitals, but also companies have strengthened and digitalised their security. Delivery workers no longer just walk into offices unchallenged. More and more companies are switching to digital access control. Our order book has filled up considerably. Our biggest challenge is to find enough technicians. At the moment, we have several vacancies.’

Sister company TowerEye, which specialises in temporary installations, has had its setbacks, however. Out of necessity, we’ve had to change direction. It’s been raining cancellations in the events sector. Nevertheless, we were determined to keep our staff working. That’s why we’ve been concentrating on hospitals and triage centres.’

‘Our cameras relieve the workload of the nursing staff. In hospitals we’ve improved access controls so that medical staff can concentrate on their work. We’ve provided Wi-Fi and security in vaccination centres. We’ve done that at cost price. Despite our creativity, it’s not been an easy year. But our staff has been kept at work. We’re now reaping the benefits of that.’

Tomorrowland is one of TowerEye’s biggest clients. The fact that the festival has been cancelled this year is a financial setback for us. But in 2022 we’re expecting booming business. Assignments are already flowing in. That will be the event year of the century, after two years of misery. We’re really looking forward to it.’

Gust dierckx


DNCS, led by Pieter Hermans, specialises in access control, camera surveillance and network infrastructure. Sister company TowerEye, led by Niels Van den Heuvel, focuses on security of temporary installations on building sites and at events.



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