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TRENDS Mar 22, 2021

A charging station can do more than just charge your car

Wim Nelissen

CenEnergy and Geosparc were featured on the cover of Trends Magazine's Mobility dossier on 10 March.

There are still a huge number of opportunities for governments and companies to get more returns from charging station infrastructure. "An open and transparent exchange of data is crucial for this," say Jan Verbruggen (CenEnergy) and Kris De Pril (Geosparc).

Dossier Mobiliteit Trends 10 March 2021 (Text: Joris Hendrickx - pictures: Kris Van Exel)

Gumption Hybrid Fleet 3

Verbruggen: "CenEnergy and Geosparc are both companies with a focus on digital transformation. Charging stations are obviously part of that. After all, when an electric car makes a connection with a charging station, data exchange takes place. Together with Geosparc, we capitalize on that opportunity by helping companies and governments optimize their charging infrastructure."

De Pril: "We got in touch with CenEnergy because they too were convinced that it is better to let data determine where and when to place or add charging infrastructure. We combined our technologies into one platform. It enables us to bring in data from charging stations as well as from other data sources, and then link it back to policy."

"We can perfectly indicate when an electric car is in front of a charging station, whether it is charging or not and whether the car is fully charged. If the latter is the case, it is possible to automatically ask the user to move the car, or increase the parking fee if they don't. The resulting qualitative data can be used for enforcement and reporting purposes."

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